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Responding to the needs and rights of the abused child is a profound challenge to the legal, law enforcement, social services, mental health, health care, and education communities. No one agency or discipline can address the problem alone. It is crucial then that in the investigation, prosecution, and treatment of these cases that we develop a strategy for effective intervention.  Furthermore, as set forth in O.C.G.A. Section 19-15-1, we, as a community, are directed by law to develop such a strategy, through the development of a protocol, or interagency agreement.


The purpose of this Protocol (agreement) is well-stated: “To ensure coordination and cooperation between all agencies involved in a child abuse case so as to increase the efficiency of all agencies handling such cases, to minimize the stress created for the allegedly abused child by the legal and investigative process, and to ensure that more effective treatment is provided for the perpetrator, the family and the child.” It is upon this basis that this agreement is founded and for which this agreement is an absolute necessity.

The following procedures represent a cooperative effort on the part of human service providers in Henry County who deal with child abuse and neglect. To read the complete Protocol, click on the heading "Henry County Child Abuse Protocol 2022" above .