Parenting Matters is a home visitation program that supports families with the evidence based Nurturing Parenting curriculum.  The Parenting Matters program is designed to increase parenting knowledge and skills.  It is a tool for reducing the risks, attitudes and behaviors associated with child abuse and neglect. A pre and posttest is given to participants.  Our goal is that after completing the program, there will be significant posttest gains in positive personality characteristics, family functioning, parenting beliefs and knowledge of positive parenting strategies.  The program addresses positive discipline, communication, understanding feelings and building self-worth, praising good behavior, child development, dealing with stress and anger, developing family values and rules as well as enhancing positive brain development.  We also include a financial literacy component.  Parenting Matters is for Henry County residents that have a child age 0-5 or a pregnant woman in her 3rd trimester.  The program is available at no cost.


When I first signed up for this program, I was without a doubt nervous. I thought I would be going over some basic parenting skills and the basic “don’t do this- do that”. But that is not what this program is at all! I have a 7-year-old along with my now 1 year old - she was baby when I signed up. We were able to discuss parenting skills to help curb some of my son’s behaviors that he had picked up from school to help me guide him in the right direction of coping, attitudes (no more time outs!), and to help me help him transition into the role of ‘big brother’. I am very grateful to have signed up for this. I took the leap and it is just helped parenting become so much easier for me.  Without a doubt Ms. Antoinette has been the best teacher and the resources I have received have truly helped me. I wish I could recommend it to everyone in my circle. I was about to go over skills to gain some financial literacy- which helped me tremendously! Never had a savings account and now I have two - for myself and for my babies.


~ Ashlee B.

I am so happy I took the opportunity to participate in the Positive Parenting program! The resources given in the program are so amazing. As a first time mom, it felt good to have more guidance as I venture into this journey. Ms. Antoinette wonderful. She is easy to talk to and is great at making you feel comfortable to express yourself as she facilitates a learning environment. This program has taught me so much and has helped me to feel confident and empowered as I go through the journey of motherhood!

~ Michaela L.

Being introduced to this program really was an eye-opener for me about being a parent, raising children, and my personal life. Growing up in Caribbean culture and then being exposed to Positive Parenting was a battle within myself. This class really broke things down so that I now understood, the many questions I had, topics, and situations that were experienced as a child and now from a parent's point of view.

Positive Parenting has shined a lot of light on areas of my life that I was neglecting. Growing up I've always seen parents either sacrificing everything for their kids or sacrificing absolutely nothing, and I promised myself that I would never be the parent that didn't sacrifice anything. But being a part of this program showed me a third option, the option of both. I didn't understand that I needed to first, make sure me as an individual was being taken cared of so that I can be the best parent to my children. It taught me that there has to be a balance between my personal time and my family time. It taught me what to expect from my kids, how to properly walk them through their feelings, the importance of teaching them morals, values, setting rules, how to properly discipline children, and consequences whether good or bad.

I am so thankful for this program because it taught my kids and me how to hold each other accountable as well as challenge me and motivate me to be the best that I can be. I'm especially thankful to "My Person", Mrs. Antoinette. she has helped me in so many ways, she is a friend, a counselor, and a teacher. Although I am sad that my time in the program is over I'm also excited about what the future holds for my family using the tools that were taught to me.

~ Adriana W.