Paint Henry Blue

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and the “Paint Henry Blue” campaign is a month long initiative to

bring awareness and prevention of child abuse to the forefront and to make a positive difference in our

community.  Several local agencies join forces to host the Paint Henry Blue campaign with pinwheels and

blue ribbons all over the community.  By “Painting Henry Blue” in April, we hope to provide a visual

reminder of the need for child protection in our community. We kick off the month with a Pinwheel Vigil in

one of our four cities. 


WHAT IS THE BLUE RIBBON CAMPAIGN?  In the spring of 1989, a Virginia grandmother, Bonnie Finney, began the Blue Ribbon Campaign as a tribute to her 3-year-old grandson who died at the hands of his mother’s abusive boyfriend. She tied a symbolic blue ribbon to her van as a signal to her community of her personal commitment to involve everyone in the battle to stop child abuse.  The Blue Ribbon Campaign is a memorial to children who have been touched by abuse and neglect, and a reminder that everyone has a job to do to prevent the maltreatment of children.

WHY BLUE RIBBONS?  The blue ribbon is a positive symbol of the need to do one’s best when it comes to children and families. Since 1989, thousands of people nationwide wear the blue ribbon during April and year round to create awareness of the need to prevent child abuse and neglect.

WHY PINWHEELS?  The pinwheel serves as the national symbol for child abuse prevention.  It is a reflection of hope, health and safety.

WHAT CAN YOU DO?  Here are just a few suggestions for things you, your business, your school or your church can do:


  • Put blue ribbons or bows on your front door.

  • Put blue paint, blue construction paper or blue merchandise in your windows.

  • Change your outside light bulbs to blue.

  • Tie blue balloons on your sign or change the letters or background of your sign to blue.

  • Set up a Pinwheel garden.

  • Change your email background or your text type to blue.

  • Put educational materials or Blue Ribbon Campaign signs in your office.

  • Sponsor an Activity, a Pinwheel Garden or the entire Campaign.

  • Wear blue ribbons or wear blue clothing on “Get Out Your Blues” day every Friday in April, take pictures and post to social media with #GOBLUEHENRY.

  • Attend a Pinwheel Vigil.  It will be March 29, 2018.

Download the order form for pinwheels or signs or to

the Community Partner here

For more information on activities during the month of April visit us on Facebook at PAINTHENRYBLUE or email us at