The governance of The Corporation shall be vested in the Board of Directors (“Board” or “Board of Directors”) which shall have complete charge, control and management of the policy, property, affairs and funds of The Corporation.  The Board of Directors shall have no less than ten (10) and no more than twenty (20) voting members.  The authority and responsibility of the Board shall include, but shall not be limited to, the following:


(A) performance of all acts and functions consistent with these Bylaws and the laws of the State of Georgia;

(B) evaluation and ultimate supervision of the conduct of the affairs and business matters of The Corporation, including the control,       conservation and utilization of its physical and financial assets;

(C) approval of all agreements and vendor contracts entered into on behalf of The Corporation in furtherance of its purposes and         powers:

(D) participation in planning to meet the child abuse prevention needs of Henry County, including cooperation with public and             private agencies and community volunteers;

(E) approval of an annual operating and capital expenditures budget prior to the start of each fiscal year, which budget shall be           prepared in accordance with guidelines established by the Board (the “Budget”);

(F) establishment of a schedule of meetings, attendance requirements and method of recording and maintaining minutes;

(G) election of officers;

(H) creation of committees to help carry out the goals and purposes of The Corporation, provided, however that no committee will         have the right or authority to

     1) authorize distributions of funds or assets not previously specifically approved by the Board;

     2) approve or recommend to the Board dissolution, merger or the sale, pledge or transfer of all or substantially all of The                     Corporation’s assets;

     3) elect, appoint or remove Directors or fill vacancies on the Board;

     4) adopt, amend or repeal the Articles of Incorporation or the Bylaws;

     5) commit The Corporation under a material contract not provided for in the Budget; and

(I)  engage in, supervise and control fund raising for The Corporation.

Appointment and Term of Directors


(A) The Board of Directors shall consist of voting members, of which no fewer than ten (10) and no more than twenty (20) Directors       shall be voting.  The exact number of members of the Board of Directors shall be set from time to time by the Board.

(B) Directors will serve a 2-year term.  A Director may serve for three consecutive 2-year terms, except as provided in (C) below.         Any Director who has served three consecutive 2-year terms shall not be eligible for re-election until one year after the end of         their third term, unless such Director serves on the Board in a capacity described in (D) below.

(C) Each Director shall hold office until the expiration of the term for which they are elected and until their successor shall have             been elected.

(D) Election of Directors will be held at the annual Board Meeting in June.  The yearly term for Directors shall be July 1 through the       last day of June of the following year.

(E) Each Director shall serve on at least one Committee of the Board as determined by the President pursuant to Article III, Section       8 below.

A Board member is expected to attend at least one Darkness to Light training and actively participate in all meetings.  Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month, 6:30 pm at Piedmont Henry Hospital.  Annual election is held in June of each year.  If you are interested in becoming a Board member, please click here to email us.